11 Steps- How to Choose a Crane

Pelagic Capital Corporation has funded many cranes over our decades of experience. During this period we know many of our customers have grappled with the complexity of  how to choose a crane. Using our historical knowledge of construction and material handling combined with the professional expertise of a national crane association, here are 11 critical questions to consider when deciding how to choose the right crane.

how to choose a crane

  1. What is the maximum radius from the center of slew?

  2. What will be the total weight of the load?

  3. Is clearance height under ceiling (if any) an issue?

  4. Allow for distance from jib head to the hook.

  5. Allow for the hook height required with associated lifting equipment.

  6. Allow for the height of obstructions between crane and load.

  7. Allow for obstructions which may hinder the counterweight when slewing.

  8. Allow for obstructions the crane may need to work around when setting up.

  9. Consider what boom length will be required.

  10. Ensure the ground can support the crane.

  11. Allow for how the crane will access and leave the site.

We hope the information provided is helpful to those who are deciding how to choose a crane.

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