Top 4 American Forklift Manufacturers

American forklift manufacturers are generally held to a very high standard and have a considerable scope of customized options available to customers. Here at Pelagic Capital Corporation, we have a strong history in the finance of  forklifts. Based on our historical industry knowledge in combination with an article written by the folks at IMPO MAG, we present the Top 4 American Forklift Manufacturers:


4. Yale Materials Handling Corporation

Not only known for their great customer service, Yale Materials also specializes in making top of the line high-end forklifts. The forklifts they offer are powered by diesel, electricity, gasoline, and liquid-propane. They also offer equipment-use training programs and parts and maintenance services.


3. Crown Equipment Corporation

Since 1956 Crown Equipment have been producing machinery equipment including their well-known forklifts that use 85% of their own in-house components. Aside from their innovative designs, Crown produces some of the most safe, efficient, and comfortable forklifts in the industry. They also have an operator training program along with many other services that make them one of the top forklift manufacturers.


2. Clark

Considered a titan in the material-handling industry, Clark has produced over 350,000 forklifts that have a lifting power capacity of 1,500 to 100,000 plus-pounds. They offer forklifts powered by diesel, liquid-propane, dual, and electric fuels as well as being the industry leader in narrow-aisle forklifts for warehouse use. Their great reputation is attributed to their goal of being aware of customer needs at all times and are often seen as the most environmentally friendly by making sure their resources are used responsibly.


1. Caterpillar

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Caterpillar is a household name within the United States as they are known for the most durable and reliable equipment in the industry. Their forklifts run on mostly every fuel as well as having lift capacities ranging from 2,500 to 100,000 plus-pounds. Caterpillar’s production methods include complex logistics, state of the art fabrication methods, and word-class supply chain management to meet every customers demands around the globe. For these reasons and many more it is clear why Caterpillar belongs at the top of the best forklift manufacturers.


We hope the information provided was informative for anyone interested in buying from the top forklift manufacturers in America. Once again we’d like to thank IMPO MAG for their professional insight on the best forklift manufacturers. Additionally, if you would like to contact us with any questions or apply for financing, feel free to do so as we welcome all inquiries.

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