15 Tips for Franchise Financing

Franchises are an integral part of U.S. business, they exist around every corner, providing goods and services in the most consistent manner possible. As an existing or budding entrepreneur the benefits are extremely valuable, providing you with a proven template for potential success. However, before you create the next Dunkin Donuts, SuperCuts, or Hampton Hotels, you need to acquire financing to help

How to Choose an Excavator

Having financed construction equipment for many decades, Pelagic Capital Corporation have seen many people focused on how to choose an excavator. We believe the following, provided by the folks over at the Quinn Company (a CAT dealer), may be helpful to those engaging in the process of how to choose an excavator. Perform to Your Standards Your excavator needs to

11 Steps- How to Choose a Crane

Pelagic Capital Corporation has funded many cranes over our decades of experience. During this period we know many of our customers have grappled with the complexity of  how to choose a crane. Using our historical knowledge of construction and material handling combined with the professional expertise of a national crane association, here are 11 critical questions to consider when deciding how to

Top 4 American Forklift Manufacturers

American forklift manufacturers are generally held to a very high standard and have a considerable scope of customized options available to customers. Here at Pelagic Capital Corporation, we have a strong history in the finance of  forklifts. Based on our historical industry knowledge in combination with an article written by the folks at IMPO MAG, we present the Top 4 American

18 Questions to Ask Before Buying a CNC

Engineering and manufacturing go hand in hand. The tools of the trade take many forms with few offering the complexity of the CNC and the associated decisions related to their purchase. Pelagic Capital Corporation continues to accumulate decades of experience in the financing of machine tools. As such, here are 18 questions from a recent article published in Plant Engineering you should

3 Ways – How to Fund a Food Truck

Food trucks, delicious and economical, continue gaining popularity in local markets as an excellent entry or mainstay into food service in the United States. While considerably less capital is required to build or acquire a food truck versus a brick and mortar alternative, they remain an expensive business to start up and many food-entrepreneurs have found it difficult to

Top 5 Tips for Buying a Truck

As an equipment lender, we are constantly in contact with customers looking to buy trucks, many of whom express fears and doubts about such a purchase. We find this to be completely understandable and a natural occurrence. As veterans in our industry we know truck buying should not be as burdensome as it initially appears. Our goal is to