Our business lending services cover all types of transaction partners.

For Our customers:

We are dedicated to providing you the highest level of customer service. We will deliver the most competitive financial products with the highest availability of funds at the lowest possible rates. We will also provide you with the alternatives you seek to make you stronger and more profitable.

For Our dealers, manufacturers, and vendors:

We are dedicated to providing you timely decisions, clear communication,  regular reporting, and consistent Funding. Increase your sales volume and fee income by working with seasoned professionals with a comprehensive financial network meant to deliver your customers the funding they desire.

For Our lenders:

Work with a seasoned team of originators. We have an extensive history of success in origination, underwriting, asset management, and portfolio management.


Types of Equipment (New & Used)


What we ask for

What do we want?

  • Trucks and Transportation Classes 3-8

    • Vocational
    • Trailer (dry van, refrigerated, specialty)
    • Motor coaches and passenger buses
    • Livery
  •  Construction

  •  Material handling

  • Franchise

  • Machine tool

  • Medical

  • IT

  • Other hard assets

  • Small Ticket:

    • Up to $100,000
    • Application only
  • Mid Ticket:

    • Up to $750,000
    • 2 year financials
    • 6 month bank statements
  • Large Ticket:

    • Up to $10,000,000
    • Full Financial Package
  • Working Capital:

    • 6 month bank statements only
  • Legal business name & address

  • Social Security # or Tax ID

  • Dealer invoice

  • Serial numbers, VIN

  • Hours or Mileage

  • Years in business & industry

  • Rent or own home?

  • Time at current residence

  • FICO’s 820 down to 550

  • Seasoned businesses to Start-ups

  • National Footprint

  • Commercial use only

  • Up to 10 year old equipment



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