Understanding the equipment finance application process

Understanding the credit and application process As originators of commercial equipment backed debt Pelagic Capital Corporation has an obligation to review and measure risk through an underwriting process. It is important to understand that the capital structure of a lender may include many components, some of which include additional borrowing by the lender, or, many layers

Breaking Down the Meaning of FICO

Pelagic Capital Corporation, like many others in commercial and consumer lending is tasked with the challenge of assessing risk in the act of lending. Granting credit is often predicated on the perceived ability of a borrower to repay their obligations and debts. One of the many tools used to measure that ability includes the review

Top Class 8 Truck Manufacturers

  Pelagic Capital Corporation’s history is well rooted in the financing of transportation assets, particularly, heavy duty, over the road class 8 tractors. We thought you’d be interested in seeing the relative market share amongst the industry leaders who manufacture these assets. As such, we present the following sales data and brief descriptions of each

Top 10 Construction Machinery Manufacturers

Construction funding continues to play a large role at Pelagic Capital Corporation. We thought you may be interested to see how constructions brands compare to one another on a relative basis by sales volume. We’ve gotten the following information from Statista, a leading source of statistical data tracking this market. Using their compilation of data

How to Buy a Skid Steer

As the drive toward cost-savings and a focus on increased productivity continues, skid steers have really come into their own. Pelagic Capital Corporation’s history of financing skid steers remains strong. We maintain our discussions with a number of manufacturers to constantly stay abreast of  skid steer development. We recently found the following skid steer primer provided by Purchasing.com and felt it’s a

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Printing Press

    Pelagic Capital Corporation is no stranger to the print industry. We have helped fund or recapitalize many printing companies over our decades of experience. We think the following information from the folks at First Research and Presstek, Inc. may be helpful when buying a printing press. Industry Overview The commercial printing industry in the US includes around 35,000 companies generating $90

Career Planning- 15 Questions to Consider

Pelagic Capital Corporation works with many types of companies from start-up to mature, seasoned entities. We’ve often counseled or supported new employees and freshly minted entrepreneurs over our many years of lending. We believe the following, provided by one of our trusted advisors, may be useful to those of you starting out, starting over, or